5 secondary uses for your knife

Anyone who spends time in the woods owns simple multi-purpose knife. But it’s likely you are not using these blades to their full potential. Knives can do more than cut, and if you’re in an emergency, some of these tactics might really come in handy.

1. Flash a Distress Signal

Now this only really works if you carry a chrome or metallic faced blade. But its simple. See a plane, train, boat or car? Place the blade broadside of the target, aim the beam of light. Tilt it up and down VERY SLOWLY across your finger tip. With any luck, they’ll notice the flash.

2. Dig a Small Hole

If you need to dig, knives can serve as a trowel in an emergency. From pulling little holes to digging up edible roots, your knife can help you work in the soil. Just make sure you're able to sharpen your knife after this abuse.

3. Hammer with the Handle End

From pounding stakes in the ground to breaking a car window, the beefy handle of a knife can act as a makeshift hammer. Just keep safety in mind as you use your survival knife in this way.

4. Projectile-ify that Blade

Well, that's not a real word but if needed, these tools have the ability to SOAR. Just be careful as these are not the most accurate projectiles in the industry.

5. Create a Spear

On the topic of weapons, if you've got a little tape or rope laying around, mount this tool on a sturdy, straight stick. The fish won't know how to get away! We suggest a stick that is around 80% of your height.

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