12 Other Great Uses for WD-40

We all know of the product as "liquid muscle" when attempting to pry bolts, but did you know that it can also be used in these 12 strange, yet useful ways?

Keep Wooden Tool Handles Splinter Free

You can prolong the life of your wood-handled tools if you keep them from splintering. Just rub a generous amount of WD-40 into the wood.

Keep Wasps from Building Nests

Don’t let yellow jackets and other wasps ruin your spring and summer fun. Their favourite place to build nests is under eaves. So next spring mist some WD-40 under all the eaves of your house.

Waterproof Shoes and Boots

WD-40 acts as a barrier so moisture can’t seep into your shoes and get your socks wet.

Remove Chewing Gum

Forget peanut butter. Next time your child gets bubble gum stuck in their hair, spray it with some WD-40, then comb it out and rinse thoroughly.

Get Rid of Sticky Fingers

Next time you’re working on a project and accidentally get some super glue stuck to your fingers, just spray the area with WD-40. The sticky glue will come off when you rub your hands together.

Remove Floor Scuff Marks

If mopping doesn’t remove scuff marks from the floor, try spraying some WD-40 on the marks and then wipe them away. The lubricant shouldn’t harm the floor, but test in an inconspicuous place if you’re concerned.

Get Rid of Sticky Residue

Remove the residue left behind by stickers, tape and labels. Just spray with WD-40, wait about a minute then wipe the residue away with a cloth.

Clean Oil Spots

If there’s an ugly oil spot on your garage floor or the driveway, give the spot a good coat with WD-40 then hose it down. The spot should disappear once the water dries.

Kill Weeds

Some gardeners will tell you WD-40 works great as a weed killer. Try using it on thistle.

Clean the Toilet

Remove lime stains from the toilet bowl by spraying in some WD-40. Then just scrub with a toilet brush and flush.

Keep Shovel or Chute Snow Free

Canadians take notes. Spray a thin layer of WD-40 on the shovel blade, the snow will slide right off. If you have a snow thrower, spray WD-40 on the inside of the chute so snow won’t stick and clog the chute.

Remove Crayon and Marker from Walls

Spray some WD-40 on the wall, then wipe off the crayon or marker with a clean rag

That's it, you now retain your title as the most handy neighbour on the street.

All of these statements are suggestions, attempt at your own risk.

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