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Micro-dosing caffeine: The key to a good night sleep

Caffeine is quite obviously one of the most popular methods a quick boost of energy but did you know that the drug also has beneficial sleeping aspects?

Picture this: Caffeine having the reverse effect on sleep and, in turn, actually improving sleeping conditions!

Turns out, a mild intake of caffeine may be able to do just that. 

As we begin to feel tired, our brain releases adenosine, a chemical that slows down the body, leading to drowsiness. Caffeine is an adenosine demolisher, preventing that sluggish sensation by boosting energy levels. When sleeping, adenosine levels drop as cells are restored. As sleep and caffeine intake both produce similar outcomes, combining the two can work wonders. A reaction that boosts the adenosine killing process.

Here's how.

Once caffeine has been consumed, it takes about 20 minutes to activate and up to an hour for a person to feel its full effects. It’s crucial to fall asleep before the 20-minute mark, otherwise the adenosine levels may begin to decline, stimulating energy.

It's that easy.

Follow these steps and you'll be on your way to the best night you've had in a while!

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